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Meditation means that we attain our true nature – not just personally but also for each other, with each other.
“The only way out is the way in.”
The most important factor of meditation is awakening.
The three major meditation techniques in zen: perceive sound and space, the great question and mantra practice.
You can loose only your chains and illusions on the path.
About the question: “What is this?”
Don’t believe anything that appears and disappears.
Zen doesn’t depend on reincarnation.
Even just this life can de made much better by practising zen.
Reincarnation is also karma: if we make it we have it, if we don’t make it we don’t have it.
Nobody can not say ‘nobody’ – Winnie the Pooh’s kongan.
A thing never exists completely isolated from its own environment.
We have to be really clear with each other so as to have correct situation, correct relationship and correct function – how we cooperate.
Ordinariness is the greatest miracle: that we recognize this simple and clear being who we truly are – not what we think we are, not what we desire to be, not we are afraid of to be, but what we truly are.
If you point something or somebody as the greatest miracle in your life that will rule your life: choose carefully.
OM NAM: the universe in its purity. “
The eight levels of yoga” is really like a meditation methodology.
How would we know what is correct if the mind was not clear?
Is it important to understand a mantra to use it?
Roles after roles after roles: life is like an infinite stage – but who is the director?
As you give your own body a shower in the morning, give your mind same clarity as well – that’s what we call daily maintenance, so karma doesn’t accumulate so easily.
If you want to develope, want to go deeper, then it’s important to go for retreat.
You can see the results especially when you do not make the tipical mistakes that you used to – then you know your karma has changed.
The two kinds of meditation: object oriented and the objectless – both are important.

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