Youtube – 2019 09 07 Original Light Zen Temple – Tamir Massas

Four kinds of temples.

Seung Sahn Zen Master said: “If you give up everything you will get everything.” What does it mean?

We don’t really practise only for ourselves.

If your mind is very strong negative and positive are no problem: you can use both of them – then spread it and make other peolpe more positive, more smiling.

This is how you cut the attachment for thinking: “What am I doing right now?” moment after moment – then your mind become more and more clear.

What did you do for peace today?

You choose what is accurate for you.

If you just perceive the condition of your body it doesn’t disturb you.

How can you manage your practice with three children?

What is the benefit of our practice if you can not be happy even in a difficult time?

Everybody falls sometimes – the most important how fast you stand up.

Eating habits in different traditions.

Life will always challenge your principles.

We can listen to each other, but we don’t have to agree – and don’t have to fight either.

This is how we make peace: we sit together in silence.

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